Full Season Plant Health Care Program

Full Season PHC Program

ISA Certified Arborists

Our ISA Certified Arborists tailor your plan for your site and your specific needs.

Tree & Shrub Evaluation

We will evaluate your trees and shrubs to determine any issues you may have and establish your Plant Health Care Program based on our evaluation.

Early Spring Treatments

Our Early Spring Treatments include Crabapple Spraying, "Dormancy Breaker" Organic Foliar Fertilizers and Organic Deep Root Fertilizers. We may also suggest a Dormancy Oil application for overwintering pests.

Late Spring Treatments

Late Spring Treatments include "Arbor Grow" Organic Foliar Fertilizer, Pine & Spruce Tree Fungicide treatments, Soil Injections for insect control, and Foliar Sprays for Insect Control. If any trunk injections are needed, they may be applied now.

Summer Treatments

Our Summer Treatments will include our "Stress Relief" Organic Foliar Fertilizer, as well as any quick uptake soil injections or foliar sprays for insect control. Additional Pine & Spruce treatments may be done,l if necessary

Fall Treatments

During our Fall Treatment schedule, we will apply our final "Carbo-Store" Organic Foliar Fertilizer, or do an Organic Deep Root fertilizer treatment. We may apply a tree wrap to young trees, or wrap evergreens. We may also apply an anti-transpirant to evergreens to protect against Winter injury.


Pricing for our Full Season Program starts at $395.00* 

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