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Nelson Tree Service- ‘The Cure for Trees’, Inc. is proud to offer a Full Line of Plant Health Care Services.  We offer services to protect or treat your trees against insect and diseases, as well as products and services to keep your trees healthy.



We provide the following plant health care services :

Insect Control:

Emerald Ash Borer; Japanese Beetle; Sawfly; Tent Caterpillar; Bronze Birch Borer; Gypsy Moth;Zimmerman Pine Moth; Spider Mites; Scale; and many more…

Disease Control:

Oak Wilt; Dutch Elm Disease; Diplodia Tip Blight; Rhizospharae Needle Cast; Anthracnose; Cytospora Canker; Crabapple Scab; and many more……

Crabapple Scab Symptoms Top Brands

Organic Foliar and Deep Root Fertilizers/ Soil Amendments/ Compost Teas

Organic Foliar Spray

Organic Deep Root Rx Treatment



Root Zone Therapy:

Soil Amendments; Air Spade/ Soil Excavation; Root Pruning


Use of Air Spade to Decompact Soil


Cavity Filling

Cabling– both Dynamic and Static support systems

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