Organic Fertilizers

blue spruce with fertilizers

Blue Spruce With Organic Fertilizers.

Organic Deep Root Rx Treatment

Organic Deep Root Rx Treatment

Organic Foliar Fertilizing

Organic Foliar Fertilizer

Our Plant Health Care Specialists can help you achieve the beautiful trees  and shrubs you’ve been dreaming of with our full line of Organic Foliar Fertilizers and Deep Root Fertilizer treatments.  The products we use are all natural, and have little Nitrogen, which is an organic compound, not the chemical stuff used in commercial grade fertilizers.

Organic Fertilizers

Dormancy Breaker

Applied Early Spring. Designed to provide the energy and nutrients to break trees out of winter dormancy. This blend facilitates healthy bud development and vigorous leaf production.


Applied Late Spring. Replenishes nutrient reservoirs that were spent during the bud-growth cycle. This blend helps to reinforce the tree's natural defenses so that uninhibited, healthy growth may follow.

Stress Relief

Applied mid Summer. Helps to relieve your trees by protecting them during periods of high heat and humidity. Stress Relief stimulates the capillaries to absorb essential nutrients and moisture. This application is also beneficial after an insect infestation, or drought.


Applied in Autumn. This formulation stimulates the Potassium cycle which is crucial for energy conversion. It is this energy conversion which produces the starches that the tree stores in its roots for growth the following Spring.

Deep Root Rx

A root injection fertilizer that promotes strong root growth for nutrient uptake and storage. Contains Mychorrhizae which help to 1) release minerals & nutrients from the soil; 2) develop an extensive tree root mass; and 3) aid in the production of plant growth hormones and antibodies.

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