Nelson Tree Service is as dedicated to maintaining your driveway in the Winter as we are to your trees and shrubs throughout the year!  We provide our Residential customers with both plowing and salting services to keep your driveway clear and safe throughout the season.

Nelson Tree Service is available 24/7 during the Winter season, and our customers are provided with all available numbers to reach us in the event of a special need, or emergency.

Services can begin at 1″ or 2″ (we prefer not to start at 3-4″ as this has a tendency to create an icing issue under the current snow pack that creates a hazard for vehicles, as well as adding additional time to cleaning efforts.)

Salt is used on an as-needed basis.  We will use a treated salt during the colder temperature events to ensure maximum performance.  We will also be happy to accomodate our eco-friendly customers with a more environmentally friendly de-icing agent.

Contact us today to get your no obligation quote.  We will be more than happy to provide you with references from our many satisfied customers.


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