Emerald Ash Borer


Emerald Ash Borer

EAB is already in our area.  For Illinois’ EAB Website click here.  The Dept of Agriculture has been warning tree services and wood hauling companies of this for a couple of years- the threat is real, and we must take caution now in order to prevent all Ash trees from being eradicated from our area.

At Nelson Tree Service-‘The Cure for Trees’, Inc., we are helping our customers save their Ash trees by using insecticides, in combination with other plant health care techniques, to prevent the spread of EAB.  Once a tree is infested, there are no noticeable symptoms for 2 years, then it has a quick decline.  That is why it is critical now to get your trees set up on a treatment plan.  Quick action will allow your trees to remain healthy and on site.

We are dedicated to helping you preserve your trees.  “Sure trees are a renewable resource- but who wants to wait around for the results???”  Protect your investment now, get set up on a treatment plan today.  Together we can fight against EAB and save your Ash trees.

Destructive EAB tunnels through the cambium and xylem tissue to feed as larvae before emerging to breed and feed on the leaves of the Ash tree.  (See photo at right.)  With proper treatment and a PHC protocol- 99% survival rate can be attained.

We are EAB Compliant!

Illinois Dept of Agriculture Compliance Agreement No:  111-127



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