10 Ways to Show Your Trees Love

10 Ways to Show Your Trees Love-

A Valentine’s Day Tribute


Valentine’s Day is always a wonderful day to think of loved ones (of course, every day is a good day for that!)  But how about thinking about what else brings us joy and comfort around our homes?  In particular, how about showing our trees some love today?  After all, they do add value to our homes- they add an aesthetic beauty to our surroundings, they clean the air around our homes and our earth, they provide homes for wildlife, they provide shade during hot days, and they are sometimes a wind break during cold winters.

So, WHAT, you’re thinking, could you possibly do to provide some love to your trees?  Well, I have compiled a list of 10 ways that you can show your trees some love this year- after all, trees are around all year, even if the leaves aren’t!  And if you can’t do some of these things right now, you have all year to show your appreciation!


Trees need water just like people do.  During times when there is not enough water coming from above, they would really appreciate it if you could give them a wonderful cold drink to quench their thirst!  Trees typically need an inch of water a week, and don’t need to be watered weekly when it has regular rain, but during dry seasons and drought, figure for every week it hasn’t rained it should be compensated with an inch of water.


Do you have mulch around your trees, or is there grass or just dirt?  If you haven’t treated your trees to a mulch ring, you need to.  Mulching around your tree helps your tree to retain moisture in it’s root system when needed, it provides beneficial micro-organisms to help your tree stay healthy, and it also keeps the root system cool during hot periods.  To help you out with mulching your trees, refer to this article to make sure you do it right: https://www.nelsontreecare.com/proper-mulching/


If you can’t see the root flare of your tree, chances are you have an excess of dirt or other material around the base of your tree.  

As you can see in the picture above, courtesy of Advanced Tree Care, Inc in FL, the soil around this tree came up way above the root flare- the part where the roots come away from the tree.  When a tree is in this situation, the tree roots cannot get enough air or water and end of suffocating!  YIKES!  If you notice that your tree may be experience some die back on the tips, you may want to investigate to see if this is a possible cause.  If you suspect this may be a problem with your tree, contact your local arborist to see if they can help you out.


Just like we need vitamin supplements to ensure we are getting all the nutrients we need, trees need a good vitamin supplement too!  Don’t bother with those spikes you find at your local hardware or home improvement store, they are a waste of money and don’t really deliver anything to your tree.  Give them a nice Organic Fertilizer treatment.  Organic Fertilizers and Compost Teas are filled with all sorts of yummies for your trees, and it usually has some beneficial products in it that helps it pull nutrients from the soil around the tree.  Believe me when I tell you, they will be so happy if you feed them this goodness!  You can either buy your own here: Super Concentrate Makes 96 Gallons – Natural Liquid Micro-Nutrient Fertilizer: Organic Soil Formula, for Big, Healthy Bloom in Plants, Fruit, Bud, Flowers, Vegetables (Perfekt Earth) (1 Pint) …or contact your local tree care company to get a rate.


If your tree has any dead or diseased branches, you will want to help them out by getting those pruned promptly.  Smaller trees can be pruned easily from the ground or a small ladder, but the larger trees you should leave to the experts so that you don’t get hurt, and so the tree can be properly and safely pruned.  ARBOR DAY.Org has some helpful tips and techniques you can check out before you prune your trees here.  Just be sure you have the right tools for the job before you begin, some items to have handy are a pair of pruners, hand saw, or a light weight pole saw for higher branches.


The best way to care for your trees is to find problems before they become a big issue.  If you take a look at your trees routinely (and yes, you can admire the beauty of your trees- no one is judging you!) you will be better able to see when they are having a problem.  Some signs you can look for are dying branches, or insect issues- a few insects are not a problem, but when they take over your tree, you have an infestation!  GET HELP!!- Also look for diseased leaves or branches, or even wilting leaves.  All of these symptoms are signs of stress, and should be addressed once seen.


Trees are meant to be habitats for animals, but why not help them out by adorning your tree with a bird house or bird feeder?  Maybe something fancy… maybe something home made.  Your feathered friends will certainly be happy, your trees get extra company, and it gives you something else to enjoy besides your tree!

Image result for birdhouse in treeImage from the Birders Report website.


While trees generally do not need any companions around their base, that doesn’t mean they can’t prosper from some good company.  If you’d like to compliment your tree with some companion plants in the soil around it, make sure that the plants like the same soil as your tree.  You also want to make sure that the plants you’re putting in will not compete with the tree for root space or water.  When choosing plants for your tree, be sure to check what kind of sunlight they need, and what they prefer for pH levels.


Trees need to be pruned routinely as they mature.  When the canopy of the tree gets over-crowded, it makes it harder for sunlight and wind to move through the canopy.  This typically leads to more storm damage in the crown of the tree as well as fungus growth when the leaves can’t dry sufficiently.  You will definitely want to hire a professional tree care company for this aspect, because you don’t want to just start taking out branches randomly.  A professional company will know which branches need to be removed in order to keep the tree growing properly and with a good shape.

Image may contain: tree, plant, sky, outdoor and nature


And last but not least,


Yes, go up to your tree and give it a big hug for taking care of your home, yard, and our earth the way that it does!  Trees are wonderful, and why not let them know that you appreciate them?

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