Are Your Trees Dying of Thirst?


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As the summer comes to an end, we have had a significant shortage of rain here in Northern Illinois!  Most urban trees have roots that only extend to about 12″ underground, with the bulk of the roots running just under the surface of the soil to collect water.  During times of drought, they will search for water lower in the soil, but when the moisture is no longer in the soil, the trees shut down to reserve energy.  You may notice your trees wilting, losing leaves, prematurely getting their Fall color, or just a general lack of lustre.

We cannot stress enough the importance of watering your trees during these extended dry spells, especially younger trees that do not have large root zones.  For a watering guide, please click here.

Using an organic Deep Root fertilizer is a good idea any year, but is especially important during years where your trees become stressed from their environment.  Along with adding beneficial nutrients that your trees have missed during the drought, this product also adds mychorrizae to the roots of the trees to help the roots get more nutrients from the soil.  Although you may not see an improvement to your trees health this year, this product will work over the Fall and Winter seasons to help those roots improve and regain it’s health next Spring.

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