Passion for Tree Care…

When you think of most service professionals you hire, or even the ones you get an estimate from, do they appear to have a passion for doing their job, or are they in it just for the paycheck?  We have been looking at different service providers lately and wondering the same thing…

I can honestly say, we keep doing what we’re doing because we have a passion for doing tree work!  If you are our customer you know this; if you’re not, all you need to do is ask someone we’ve worked for.  We strive to make every job stand out, and we are not pleased unless our customer is.  We often go above and beyond what was asked of us just because it is what should be done.  We are not satisfied with just OK, we want each and every job to be WOW, and we want your trees to look that good too.  If we take down a tree, we want our customers to be wowed by the final effect of that too; that’s why we make sure your yard looks like we were never there when we leave (unless you have us leave the wood.)

This passion is what has driven our business for over 20 years, and what keeps us looking at new and improved ways of serving our customers.  If there is a better way of doing tree work, we are all in to it, and have our employees learn it.  If there is a new product for plant health care that promises to take better care of your trees, we’ll use it!  You will sometimes find that we may be a little more than our competitors, but most of the time this is due to using better products for plant health care instead of settling for generics, or doing more for your trees that is needed than the other companies may have seen.  We also go out of our way to ensure the final product is exactly what you hoped for if not more!

So the next time you get any estimates for service, look for that passion- does the company quoting you have that?  I would be willing to bet you’ll be much happier with a company that has a passion for their work than a company that doesn’t!


-Jeanne Nelson-

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