This Winter has been especially brutal- not just for us, but for your trees as well!  Between the extreme cold, the excessive snow amounts, and the wind, your trees have really taken a beating this Winter which causes extra stress on the tree.  For more info on different types of Winter Injury, click here.

Let us help  your trees recover this Spring.

There are several Plant Health Care options we can utilize to help your trees recover from this long cold winter and subsequent damage that may have happened.

First: we will do a Deep Root Rx Fertilizer which will get down into the root system of the tree to replace nutrients and mychorrizae that were lost over the winter.

Second: branches and limbs that were damaged over the winter should be properly pruned from the tree to allocate nutrient resources to healthy parts of the tree, as well as help speed healing.  We can also cable any splits or cracks that may be repairable.

Third: for trees and shrubs 30′ and under, we can get them on an Organic Foliar Fertilizing schedule.  The results we have seen from using these formulas have been extremely remarkable!  If you are looking to have lush, colorful, vibrant foliage, as well as abundant blooms on your flowering trees, you will want to have us give you a quote on foliar fertilizing!

Fourth: when trees are stressed, they are more likely to be attacked by insects.  If you have trees that are more susceptible to an insect infestation, you may want to consider having a season long insect control applied in the early spring to help the trees defend themselves in an attack.  We use eco-friendly products to ensure no damage to the surrounding environment.  We also have several organic options available for those of you who may need control but want to keep it totally green!

To schedule your no-cost estimate on plant health care for the season, click here for our online form.  Let us know you would like the Winter’s Wrath Estimate in the comment box, and we will schedule a time to meet with you and discuss your plant health care needs for Spring.

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