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Adding Woodchips to your Landscape

        In the tree care industry, companies are left with a very large amount of green waste known as Woodchips.  These woodchips are composed of chipped branches from trees that have been pruned or removed.  Some loads of woodchips will have leaves in them depending on what time of year the trees […]

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Early Spring Garden Projects

  The snow is finally melting, the days are longer, and the temps are finally warm enough to get out in the yard and begin clean up after what seemed like an eternity of Winter! Woo-Hoo! Before you head out into your yard, be sure to check out EarthEasy.com’s page to get the lowdown on what […]

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Poison Hemlock

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  Among Northeastern Illinois’ weed list is a very dangerous plant called ‘Poison Hemlock’  (Conium maculatum) and should be removed very carefully from your landscaping promptly! (Image from www.illinoiswildflowers.org.) On this plant of the carrot family, you will notice that the flowers have 5 petals on each set.  The typical cluster is roughly 2-2.5″ across distinguishing […]

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