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woodchips in landscape


In the tree care industry, companies are left with a very large amount of green waste known as Woodchips.  These woodchips are composed of chipped branches from trees that have been pruned or removed.  Some loads of woodchips will have leaves in them depending on what time of year the trees have been pruned or removed, or whether the tree was dead or not.

Most people opt for a high quality, triple-processed Mulch for most primary and prominant landscape areas of their homes, for aesthetic purposes.  This Mulch is much more even colored, has a softer texture, and gives the look of a more manicured appearance in the landscape bed.  However, what most people overlook is the value of Woodchips in other areas of the yard.

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Woodchips are ideal covering for Walkways, Pet Runs, Play Areas, Garden Beds, Heavily Shaded Areas of the Yard, Wooded Lots, or Outlining Above Ground Pools to name a few

Some of the benefits of using woodchips are:

  1. they provide a barrier against weeds- although some weeds will still get through, and you will still need to take action to prevent or remove them;
  2. they provide organic material to plants or trees that they are placed around when they decompose;
  3. they provide a natural look to your landscape when used instead of stone;
  4. it is easy to move woodchips when installing new planting material in the area that’s covered;
  5. it makes a great covering for muddy areas that can now be walked on; and
  6. it provides a safe covering for a dog area that won’t harm them and will not turn into mud when it rains.

When considering whether to use Mulch or Woodchips in an area of your yard, consider whether the area is a primary focal point of your yard, whether you need them to serve a functional purpose or an aesthetic purpose, and how frequently you want to reapply the product to the area.  In general, Mulch needs to be reapplied annually, while Woodchips can take several years to fully decompose, making them a better choice for wooded areas and high traffic areas- like play sets and dog runs.


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