Best Trees and Shrubs for Wildlife




Is there anything more relaxing than sitting outside listening to birds sing, watching butterflies as they float from one flower to the next gathering nectar, or seeing squirrels and chipmunks chase one another through your landscaping?  This is one of the joys we experience here at the Nelson abode, and our goal is to incorporate as many pieces of landscaping that attract more wildlife to our yard as we can.  We were so excited to actually find Cedar Wax Wings in our Junipers last year, and brought in some Service Berry bushes to feed them in the fall- it worked!!

Enjoying the beautiful birds of summer!


When designing your next landscaping project, why not take the time to add plants that attract more wildlife into your yard?  Whether you are looking to attract more birds, butterflies, honey bees, squirrels, or other wildlife, check out the link below from the folks at Penn State Extension to see what you can plant to make your yard more appealing to them!

 Landscaping for Wildlife


If you need any help locating these trees or shrubs, or  would like a quote on installation, please call us at 815-678-4108.

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