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Effects of Drought on Your Trees

Here in Northern Illinois, we have been experiencing crazy weather over the last decade.  Between having little rain one year to an abundance the next year, then having extreme winters of heavy snow or subfreezing temperatures, it is a wonder our trees are still standing! The reason for speaking about the topic of drought is because […]

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Why do I need Plant Health Care?

  Why do I need Plant Health Care? Most homeowners don’t think about their trees until it’s too late.  At this time, they call us out to give them an estimate on removing their tree.  This could have been avoided if action was taken prior to the tree dying or becoming so hazardous that it […]

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Proper Mulching

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Most people know that they should Mulch around their trees, but very few know why or how much to use.  Mulch has many benefits for the tree, but if done incorrectly can actually do more harm than good. Below is the publication from TreesAreGood.Org for their guidelines on proper mulching.  Please read through it, and […]

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