Why do I need Plant Health Care?


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Why do I need Plant Health Care?

Most homeowners don’t think about their trees until it’s too late.  At this time, they call us out to give them an estimate on removing their tree.  This could have been avoided if action was taken prior to the tree dying or becoming so hazardous that it needs to come down.

A Plant Health Care program is for trees similar to a Health Care Program for people.  It is a program that is set up between you and your Arborist to help keep your trees healthy or treating them for a particular problem.  The goal is to enhance their functionality and beauty in your home’s landscaping.  “Plant Health Care involves monitoring, using preventive treatments, and adopting a strong commitment to working closely with you, the tree owner.” Trees are Good, pub. “Plant Health Care”, 2004

Simply put, every homeowner should adopt a Plant Health Care program for their trees to ensure the trees can give you and your landscaping their best.  Healthy, mature, and well maintained trees can add up to 10% value to your property according to the US Forestry Dept.  The benefits of trees when healthy are immense! Click here to read about the benefits.

What services are included in a Plant Health Program?

A Plant Health Care Program can include just one service, or it may include multiple services depending on what your trees need.  These services may include:

  • Fertilizing (Either Deep Root or Foliar)
  • Insect Control or Prevention
  • Disease Control or Prevention
  • Soil Decompaction
  • Root Zone Therapy for root stressed trees
  • Cabling weak or heavy branches
  • Tree Pruning
  • Mulching


Whichever Services you and your arborist decide on, know that your trees are going to benefit immensely from a Plant Health Care program.  The more you can give to your trees health, the more your trees can give back to you!  After all: “Sure, trees are a renewable resource, but who wants to wait around for the results?”, Author Unknown

And remember, a Plant Health Care program is a commitment, just as keeping yourself healthy is a lifelong commitment.  We cannot do something one time and expect the results to continue for the rest of our lives.

If you would like more information, or to schedule a visit from one of our arborists (McHenry County, IL and surrounding areas only please!) please click here for our contact page and we will get back to you promptly.


Information obtained from Trees are Good.org & US Dept of Forestry.


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