Tree Owner’s Manual

The United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, & Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry have put together a tree owner’s manual for homeowners.  Originally published in 2008, it details how a tree functions, how to properly maintain your tree, as well as planting and pruning your tree(s). To download your manual, simply click the link below to open the pdf file.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, contact us.


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  1. Gayok says:

    I thought this was an old arlctie because of all the outdated methods mentioned in it! The sure fire way to kill an EAB population in an area is to treat as many ash trees as possible. Here in Chicago neighborhoods where all the parkways are treated, many of the untreated private ash trees are still in good shape. The city actually created a buffer zone! Think of it this way, all the adult EAB\’s eggs are being killed on the treated trees. If you just cut a bunch down, the EAB will have to lay their eggs on the ones you were trying to save in the first place. Lowering a towns ash tree population might delay the inevitable by a year, at least that might give your municipality time to realize that since treatments will only be needed for 6 to 8 years with a total in-house cost of $180 or $20 per yr VS removal $400, de-stump $60 & new tree $300. And while the Ash has a lifespan of 300 for Green & 600 years for the White, a new Maple which might not even survive the harsh conditions can only live 70 years at best. And if the EAB is ever reintroduced in your community, the borers will not have enough trees to build up an infestation population on like they do now. The real question is why is there so much misinformation given to the public by the very people whose job it is to know this stuff? Answer: They just took the Elm word out and stuck in Ash. This ain\’t your mama\’s Dutch Elm disease and there already is four different god-sent cures to chose from. And the best species that survived last years drought, yes our native Ash, even with the extra stress of EAB. And those experts that proclaimed otherwise are the ones to keep away from! Oh yeah, and unlike the DED or Chestnut blight, the EAB is causing a modern day extinction event of the American Ash species right before our eyes since borers kill off young trees before seeding age. DOH!

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